Trigger Shirt _ FS19S-133

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DREAMS comes True with this Highly Cotton shirts is looks perfect selection and fit as can be .It’s design checked with color become a favorite on wearing .The fabric looks soft,durable and comfort fit with you.

Brand :Trigger

Style Code : FS19S-133

Category  : Men’s Shirt Casual

Colour :checked in Black,Green,Yellow 

sleeve :Full sleeve

Folding Sleeve: Black fabric inbuilt

The Trigger shirt you wear with feel special enthusiastic in nature Fit .

* 100% cotton twill fabric weave

*Sizes with all Basic

*Produced the shirt with performance, reliability, durability, visual and perceived quality of the garment

ISO standards.

*Double Lock stitches with sleeve,collar and waist are Re-inforced Fabric used.

*Highly optimized and perfect fit with your Body